Reality Television…I Hate to Love It:)

All right, let’s be honest here…I’m willing to bet at least 90% of Americans watch some form of reality tv on a regular basis.  Except my parents, who hate it based on principle.  But they’ve only watched Survivor once, and I don’t think anyone should form opinions about reality television using Survivor as their only resource.

Another honest moment…I’m not proud of the majority of my reality television addictions.  Most of them don’t add to my intelligence, spiritual maturity, or general well-being, but I don’t think they detract from it either.  Well, maybe Dance Moms does…

Basically, what I’m saying here is that I wish I wasn’t an advocate of reality television, but I am.  It’s like cake.  I shouldn’t love cake as much as I do, but I do (side note:  this reminds me of a conversation with Bridget and Jess in college when Bridge was making a layered cake, and I remarked that the two were becoming one, and then the conversation just went downhill from there…but it was funny:).

So here is a list of my current and past reality show addictions and my thoughts on them:

1.  So You Think You Can Dance:  This one is actually really great.  The dancers are really talented and the show is really clean (except some people might say the costumes are inappropriate, but I grew up as a dancer, so I don’t even notice).  I can’t, however, watch this show with Shiloh because he makes fun of the male dancers.

2.  The Bachelor/ette:  I really don’t think this is a bad show either, as long as you recognize it’s totally not reality.  I’m pretty sure it’s at least partially scripted (as most are) and only a handful of the couples actually end up together.  But it’s still enjoyable and I’m impressed with some of the more recent Bach/ettes…Emily and Sean were for sure Christians, I think Des was too…Emily didn’t even use the overnight dates and Sean made it clear he used them only as time to get to know the ladies better.  I’m seeing a trend of higher integrity here, not necessarily in the contestants, but at least in the main Bachelor/Bachelorette.

3.  Dance Moms:  I really like these girls’ dancing, but I’m bummed because it has turned into so much drama with the moms and Abby.  This show has GOT to be mostly fake too, because I can’t imagine parents submitting their children to Abby’s abuse.  And the moms are cray cray.  Please tell me that’s not the majority.  Yet, I still continue to watch…sigh…

4.  Sweet Home Alabama:  Basically a country version of the Bachelorette, except they put country guys vs. city guys to win a country girls heart…loved this one:)

5.  Laguna Beach/The Hills:  Not as much a fan.  I mean, I love LC and Lo, but again, too much drama!

6.  The City:  This show was fun because Whitney Port is cute and unassuming.  It’s about her trying to make it in the fashion world.  Plus, as mean as Olivia Palermo seems, she always looks AMAZING.  However, my roommate pointed out that this show made me slightly obsessed with losing weight, so I stopped watching it.  But it also gave me a love for liquid eyeliner and cat eyes!

7.  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman:  Ok, I know this isn’t technically reality television, but I really feel like I would have been just like Dr. Mike in the wild west!  (Except I like to be clean…and don’t like blood…or confrontation…or outlaws…or snakes and insects…but other than that, we are totes the same person!)  And Sully…don’t even get me started!


Well, that is my somewhat comprehensive list of reality television that I have enjoyed.  I’m not proud of all of it, but we all have flaws:)

See you later!



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