Epic Fail

Alright…now I remember why my past blogging ventures have been EPIC FAILURES (yeah, totes jumped on the bandwagon with that phrase…and the word “totes”).  It’s because I always forget to blog!!  So, hold me accountable, because I’m really having fun with this:)

Since I’ve missed so much time, I’m going to write about several things that have happened to me in the last couple of weeks and my feelings about them…let’s get started!

1.  Birthdays – So birthdays.  I’m an advocate.  I LOVE THEM.  And if you say you don’t, then basically you’re saying you’re an advocate of death.  Because that’s what happens when you don’t have birthdays.  You die.  And, I love the attention.  I know I shouldn’t admit that, but when people tell you they love you and you get to be the center of attention for a WHOLE DAY, it’s awesome.  And, oh wait, what’s that?  They give you presents too?  Holler.  Also, Shiloh had a birthday too!  And if there’s one thing I love almost as much as my birthday, it’s other people’s birthdays.  And I love him, so of course I wanted to make his day special.  It was a two-day celebration…complete with 3 kinds of rice krispie treats (he’s so weird…he wanted that more than a cake), a Chinese buffet, and some house cleaning (more about that later).  We had awesome birthdays, I would say:)

2.  People said really nice things to me on my birthday – Another thing I fail at?  Responding to all of the “Happy Birthday’s” on my fbook page.  Thank you all.  I actually do read those.  And they really do make my heart happy.  And I count them…because I have to have at least one for every year of my life…goal exceeded!  And my friend Bridget wrote the nicest, funniest blog post about me!  I laughed the whole way through.  Thanks Bridgieboobooboo!

3.  Shiloh bought a house – Yup:)  He did it!  It’s such a nice house out in the country near the James River.  It’s in great shape and has a basement that is super-close to being finished!  The only thing I don’t like is that he has TERRIBLE cell service out there:/  But, it’s beautiful.  And I got to pick out the paint colors.  This is also where the house cleaning came in.  Shiloh and I cleaned all day on Saturday so we could get started painting.

4.  My a/c went out and my toilet smelled like sewage – Now, this stinks, literally.  My a/c has been acting up for a month (just when it decided to get hot) and I’ve had someone come look at it twice…and it still didn’t work!  And then, my bathroom started smelling like sewage.  I was seriously about to throw in the towel for home ownership.  But then, my awesome dad came along and FIXED EVERYTHING.  For free.  I love him so much.  Turns out the bathroom thing was just some leakage under the house.  But the a/c thing was caused by heavy water in the ventilation making sections of the vents fall down!  Which means we were cooling our crawl space…hahaha…makes me laugh.  If we have any squatters under there, they were very comfortable for the past couple weeks:)

5.  I watched the movie “Fargo” – Don’t watch it.  Seriously.  Bloody and depressing.  I just watched it because it’s one of Shiloh’s favorite movies (he likes the acting).  Never again.

6.  I spent 3 full days in meetings – That was long.  But they were informative.  I just hit a wall around 2:30 every day and was completely worthless:)

7.  Shiloh got me a Samsung Galaxy tablet – Sweetest present.  Totally undeserved but also totally appreciated.  I can now browse pinterest much more successfully!  And play games.  And get on fbook.  And tweet.  And watch Netflix.  And Hulu+.  Basically, I’m saying I probably won’t talk to people unless it’s online for a while:)

8.  I’ve been listening to a lot of country music – Now this is weird, because I’m usually not a huge fan.  But it’s the end of summer and it makes me feel really American and carefree.  Plus Shiloh’s told me that since he has a house in the wilderness now, that I’m going to have to country up…this is my first step:)

9.  I got new clothes – Yay for birthday presents from my parents!!  Pieces I’m most excited about:  a teal, flowy shirt with studs, a burgundy leather (fake) biker jacket, a kelly green, floral print dress, and a pair of tan combat-like boots that roll down to reveal azted print!

10.  I watched this video and loved it!:  http://www.ted.com/talks/shawn_achor_the_happy_secret_to_better_work.html.  This is actually amazing…and I think it ties into our faith as well…we can have joy in Christ and that effects our whole lives:)

Ok guys, I’m sorry if this was a slightly overwhelming post, but I enjoyed reflecting over my last two weeks!  Tomorrow, I’ll get back to more true Chelsealoves posts…maybe I’ll post about reality television, the thing I hate to love:)

Thanks for reading!



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