Taylor Swift…Forever a Fan

It’s suprisingly difficult to pick the first subject that I’m going to advocate. I have a list of about 25 things (so far), but picking the FIRST ONE is tough! It has to mean something, right? Maybe change the world a little? So you may ask why I chose Taylor Swift…but here’s the thing: people are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy more important than STUFF. So, I chose TayTay (is it ok that I have a nickname for her even though I don’t actually know her?).

Let’s be honest…Taylor Swift gets some crap. I mean, anyone in the public eye does, but I feel sad that they say stuff about Taylor. I’m fully convinced that, she not only makes highly-relatable music, but she’s also a good person. Here are the other reasons I like Taylor Swift:

1. She’s a good role-model – Ok, I totally believe she’s wholesome. I think maybe the reason she goes through different guys (come on, she’s in her twenties…who doesn’t date a lot of guys?) is because she’s not a dirty girl. She’s loyal to her friends, she’s humble, I just feel like we would be friends.
2. People tell me I look like her – So, it’s mostly middle schoolers who tell me that, but still…
3. She embraces awkward – Seriously. She wears it well. From one tall, lanky girl to another, I’m totes impressed.
4. Her songs are so relatable! – Who hasn’t dealt with a broken heart, or a new crush, or a friend who is hurting? Her songs take me back to those times…and p.s. I wish “22” had come out when I was actually 22! p.p.s Anyone who says she doesn’t sing well should try to dance around on stage like she does and hold your voice completely steady!
5. I really like her style – It seems to change with her music style. I love new things, and this red lipstick, nautical theme is pretty fun.

There are more reasons, but I don’t want to sound like a cray cray. I’m not obsessed:) Oh, except one more:

6. She’s touring with Ed Sheeran – who I liked before “The A Team”…and is a fellow ginger…

Ok, that’s really the end:) Tomorrow, I’ll have a new subject and the next day and the next day…you see where I’m going with this.

p.p.p.s. Taylor, if you’re reading this, a retweet by a celebrity is on my bucket list…pretty please??

Love you guys!


One thought on “Taylor Swift…Forever a Fan

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